December 10, 2016



I was first introduced to the Balance Triangle in high school. My dad sat my family down one night and all the kids gathered around him with his pen and blank piece of paper. We intently watched as he simply drew 3 long lines that each connected at a point, making a triangle. He wrote one word above each connecting point: body, mind, spirit. In the middle of the triangle he wrote the word, balance. I wish I wouldn’t have been as stubborn or uninterested at the time because if I would have applied this simple lesson a lot earlier in life, a lot of my problems would have been solved much sooner!

My dad began to explain to us that in order to have a happy and well rounded life, we need to find balance in each of these areas. If we focus too much on one area and neglect another we become lopsided and very unbalanced. This can then lead to being overwhelmed, unstable, an emotional roller coaster, unhealthy and basically lacking the necessary factors that boost the other areas of the triangle. He asked us to then to sit down and consider which areas we were excelling in and what areas we could nurture a bit more. I remember filling the body side with dance, running, exercise, hiking, and eating healthy. There really wasn’t enough room to squeeze anything else in that category. But I couldn’t seem to fill the other categories (mind and spirit) with nearly as many fun and exciting things. It hit me that I was lacking in an overall balance in my life but being a typical a teenager, I decided to ignore it. Then began my years of stress, anxiety, low self esteem, heart ache, and many other negative feelings.

I truly believe that this easy concept is quite powerful and works if you are willing to apply it. For so long I was overly obsessed with this idea of having to look perfect and be perfect that I actually ruined myself. I compared myself to everyone. I thought that if I worked out hours and hours a day that I would eventually get skinny and I would be happy. SO WRONG!!!!  I ended up gaining a ton of weight, I was binge eating because I was depressed, and I completely lost sight of who I was as a person and all that I had to offer. I’ve really tried this past year and especially these past few months to focus on equalizing all sides of my triangle, and to be honest I have never been happier!! It is a lot easier said than done, but man is it worth it!! If you have even just a few minutes, I would suggest sitting down and writing out your own triangle. See which areas are stronger and which ones are weaker. I’m a visual learner so I retain more when I see it for myself. It might help you to see for yourself where you are at with your balance triangle.unnamed

In my next few posts I will be breaking down these three key areas and share what I’ve done to equalize my triangle! I’m still a work in progress… I think I have an emotional break down at least once a week. But that’s fine. I’ve learned to accept that it’s ok to be a human being with struggles and feelings. As long as I’m constantly striving to better myself, I feel content with being an occasional cry baby!

Stay tuned for my next post. You guys have been begging me to tell you about my nutrition and fitness plan. I can’t wait to share how I finally learned how to do it the RIGHT way!



24 thoughts on “THE BALANCE TRIANGLE

  1. Jenn!!!! I love love this post (the balance triangle). I’ve just jotted down some points on my triangle and it seems that I’m lacking A LOT for each one of them… it just really hit me. I can’t wait to go down this ride with you and “excel” in each factor and get that balance hopefully…!

  2. What an amazing idea – so simple but so perfect!! I just did my own triangle and, oh boy, what a mess!!! I knew I wasn’t in a great place but seeing it written down on paper really struck me. I feel so motivated to make positive changes to better myself and achieve balance in my life! Can’t wait for the next post 🙂 x

  3. Beautiful post about a lesson I think we could all benefit from applying to our own lives. On a slightly unrelated note, I also want to say thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your story. You are incredibly inspiring to me and many others. I know it must’ve been difficult to open up about the darker parts of your life; everyone today seems so focused on fluffing up their lives on social media to make them seem as glamorous as possible so others will believe we are happier than we actually are. It takes true courage and strength of character to break out of that and be honest with the world, and even more to be honest with yourself. The fact that you want to help others do so speaks to the amount of compassion and love in your heart. I truly appreciate the steps you’re taking to not only be upfront about your journey, but to encourage us to take one with you so we will do more than just appear to be happy as well. We actually will be. You’re making a real and genuine effort to both connect with us and help us, and I promise you, you are already excelling at both. Thank you for “getting real” with us, so we could in turn get real with ourselves. Keep being you because we all love the person that is <3

  4. (Sorry, typed my email wrong so re-posting) Thank you for this post, Jenna. I suffer on/off from anxiety/depression, and I feel like your ideas will definitely help me pull through. I’ve figured out that I’m the only one who can save myself, so I’ve really been trying these past few days. Thank you for being an inspiration for us fans! xxx

  5. This is so motivating and truly inspiring, Jenna! It seems like such a simple thing to do but you must be absolutely honest and true to yourself to truly attain this balance. I have watched and loved your style of dance since S18 of DWTS and I believe what you say in the transformation you have gone thru this past season. It was evident , to me at least, that something for the good and better had changed within you. You have always been a phenomenal dancer, but this season you just seemed to have an inner glow that shined thru. I whole-heartedly agreed with CAI when she said you were the beast of all dancers. It is so refreshing to hear how someone so young is taking hold of the reins in their own life to bring about positivity and change. And to be brave enough to open themself up to the public’s ever critical eye and tongue to offer inspiration to people who may be going thru some of the same emotional roller-coasters and may not even realize it. THANK YOU!! I have never called myself a fan of anyone before just someone who admires and appreciates talent in others that I do not possess. But today, doll, I am proud to declare that I am a FAN of Ms. Jenna Michelle Johnson. I look forward to your future posts and to see the future growth in you and myself as well thru this balance process. Looking forward to seeing you dance in person for the first time during this winter tour.

  6. Thank you Jenna so much. I’m a teenager struggling with this as well trying to find a balance and be happy. It’s always nice to know you’re not alone. You are so inspiring and I thank you for showing me the balance triangle it’s awesome and I’m going to use it everyday from now on. Keep it up babe you are doing awesome. ❤️

  7. Thank you for this today! I am struggling with constantly feeling “out of wack” and having no direction. I believe we women are already so hard on ourselves and then feel as though we have to live up to the image of other women that we deem prettier, thinner, smarter, more successful etc. I need to focus more on what I have to offer and not what I think I’m lacking! Thank you for the positivity and can’t wait to see you in Clearwater!

  8. Jenna, again. Your strength and courage to do what you’re doing speaks volumes on who are you as a person. You’re truly a gift that God has so graciously placed in all of our lives for the good. Love you!

  9. Thank you for that amazing post Jenna!!! That triangle that your father taught will teach others including myself what we lack on and work on. I know it is important to be happy and that is a great way to start it of. Thank you for helping others and me. Love you Jenna!!! <3

  10. You are an inspiration, the world we live in today makes people think they need to look perfect, but we are just humans and we are not perfect!! That’s all OK though, it’s important to be ourselves and to have a healthy balance in all areas of our life. Keep doing what you doing and you will continue to excel!!!

  11. Thank you so much for this! I really needed inspiration to get my happiness back on track and this just might be it. I’m going to make my own triangle tomorrow! I can’t wait to explore your blog more. Thank you again!

  12. This is great! I’ve looked up to you for awhile now. Definitely going to make my own triangle. Can’t wait for more from you!

  13. I’m so excited for your blog!!! I hope I can apply what you have learned! Your such a role model and I feel like we’re a lot alike in a lot of ways! Thanks you so much!

  14. I made my own triangle and this was just the push I needed to make some major changes in my lifestyle. I think this is the perfect way to categorize aspects of our lives. I found that this was the same as the core values of yoga as the basis of yoga is connecting the mind, body and spirit, so I am now going to try yoga to see if it is one way for me to reach some sort of balance between the three. Thank you, Jenna, for motivating me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things!

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