December 19, 2016

Let’s Get Physical



The long and awaited question you have all been asking me. “What fitness exercises have you been doing to get physically in shape?” As many of you know I am a runner. The obsession or “runners high” started in high school. Before my junior year I wanted nothing to do with working out. I didn’t need to, it was uncomfortable for me, and if we are being completely real I was just lazy. I come from a family of athletes though so everything revolves around exercising, sports, and fitness. My parents are the type of people that wake up at 6:00 am to workout before the long work day ahead. I could never wrap my mind around this silly idea. Waking up incredibly early to get sweaty??? What?! It sounded awful. I think it was my Dad who told me one night that I should try to work out with him the following morning.

After I rolled my eyes at the thought of it, he said something along the lines of, “You’re right. You probably couldn’t keep up anyway.” My competitive nature was dying inside! Unfortunately my personality is the type that loves to prove people wrong…. so I snuck up to my room and set my alarm for 6:00am. I will NEVER forget my parents faces when I walked into the exercise room that morning.
The first few steps on a treadmill were terrifying. It made me feel incredibly uncoordinated. But I put my headphones in and started at a steady pace. I switched from walking, to inclined walking, and then to light jogging. I even tried sprinting! It was actually pretty fun! I loved being able to control what pace I was going at and seeing how fast I could go. (I’m a control freak) As I looked down at my clock, I realized an hour had gone by. I was shocked! I was sweaty and gross at six in the morning and it felt incredible. I continued this pattern everyday for the rest of that year and fell in love with the intimate alone time I had to myself in these early mornings. I was able to let go of all of my stress and worries and just run. It eventually became very therapeutic and I got to the point where I HAD to start my morning off with some sort of physical activity. It felt too amazing not to.bh3a8409
After falling in love with this physical activity I wanted to try other exercises. I started to incorporate pushups, sit-ups, lunges, and other simple exercises I knew could target specific body parts. Eventually I had a trainer help me understand my body better and give me information of what muscles I needed to focus on toning and why. I tried to gather as much information so I could do it myself, especially since I travel so much. Now…. I know running and exercising isn’t for everyone. I’m not saying you have to do it this way and thats the only way to get it shape. No. My goal is to give you some ideas to find out what works best for YOU!!!! My mom, for example, loves the elliptical. She has bad knees so the impact of the treadmill hurts her. My dad loves to ride the stationary bike. My sister, Jill, goes to a pilates/dance class for one hour everyday. For all of you mommies out there struggling to find time or ways to get any exercise in with your kiddos… my sister, Stacy, chases 4 kids around all day and gets most of her workout in by entertaining her twin boys! She did some research though and found a gym close by that has a kids center. She tries to find an hour of her day a few times a week where she can go get a quick workout in while her kids get to make arts and crafts and watch movies. There are yoga classes you can take, you can go on a beautiful walk around your city/neighborhood, or you could try a SoulCycle class. There are so many ways to get some sort of exercise in. Find what works for you and stay consistent with it.
I challenge you to do some sort of cardio for at least 30 minutes five out of the seven days. Push yourself. Find yourself a realistic routine and see how you fall in love with exercising. Now remember, just because you are exercising doesn’t mean you can forget about your nutrition. They go hand in hand together. The better your nutrition is, the more real energy you will have to be physical for long periods of time! I promise you it works. If you are struggling to find exercises to do, I will be posting some of my daily fitness routine so you can follow along! You can do it!! I was lucky enough to share some of my exercise tips in our Tour program. Check it out…



P.S. We started our winter DWTS Live tour this week!!!! The first show was such an adrenaline rush but we did it and now we have 50 something more shows to go.  Here are some behind the scenes pictures that I’ll be sharing throughout our 3 month tour.




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10 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical

  1. Your writing is quite good. You’re a storyteller, as well as a terrific dancer, and one heck of a great looking woman! What a package!

  2. i don’t know if this falls into exercise since it’s more of a muscle builder but i love love love lifting. i get the same feeling from it that you do from running. i put my headphones in and i’m in a mode.

  3. Jenna, always so inspirational. ❤️
    I actually started since the blog has launched to exercise 3-5 times a week on the treadmill for 30 mins. And I also have a yoga/cardio class two times a week and i’m sooooo excited. 😬

    I love you Jenna, thanks for the inspiration, keep doing you.


  4. Thanks for keeping it real and for sharing … You are really encouraging me and I thank you once again for that.
    Keep it coming 🙂

    Anabelle (from tiny island Malta)

  5. I actually found your blog because of lazy and totally random procrastinating, but I am really glad I did. Greetings from Czech Republic, I cant wait for more posts 🙂

  6. I love your Blog posts so much! I get so excited when I see that you have a new post up! Your words are so kind and inspiring! Thankyou for taking the time to write them! XOXO

  7. Thanks Jenna I hate exercising but once I get started I feel so good after.I appreciate your blog so much showing that you are a regular person just like us you are a go getting I like to prove people wrong to again thank you and I can’t wait until the next one I been busy and I just got around to reading this one and i’m glad I did.

  8. Oh god, I completely understand your initial aversion to waking up so early to work out. As someone who is in no way, shape, or form a morning person, the idea seems incredulous to me too. And sadly, unlike you, that’s never changed haha. I’m actually not a running person myself, but I’ve found some great alternatives that work well for me. Personally, I need to change things up relatively often, otherwise I’ll get bored and be tempted to give up; the program that’s worked best for me is actually a web-based pilates-esque program called Blogilates. The woman running it is great, and the program as a whole provides the perfect balance of routine to keep me on track and variation to keep me interested.

    Also, love the BTS pics from tour!! Can’t wait to see more~

  9. Clearly, I’m way behind the times because I’m only just now reading this, but it reminds me of something a friend-quaintance said once about how trying one form of exercise and deciding you hate it all is like trying broccoli and deciding you hate all vegetables. Not all things are for all people.

    To be entirely honest, I’ve never been an active person. I was that kid waiting by the door at recess reading a book just waiting to go back inside. Then, two years ago, a family friend convinced me to try his HEMA class. HEMA is Historical European Martial Arts–long story short: I play with medieval longswords. We study manuscripts dating back to the 14th century and interpret them as best we can to bring to life this beautiful martial art.
    Funny thing is, once I start with the swords, I found myself far more willing to jump into new activities. I was more willing to try things that I was bad at. I was learning how to learn–to be okay looking the fool. I was less intent on sitting around. I found myself with less appetite for sugar (though goodness knows I still enjoy it) and craving more raw foods. Yes, exercise and diet both take effort, but once you start, I’ve found they help each other out a great deal.

    ANYWAY…that…wasn’t meant to be a rant.
    Sweet blog.

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