January 10, 2017

Get Your Curl On

Since last weeks makeup tutorial, I have received tons of messages asking for a hair tutorial! I absolutely love my short hair and have enjoyed trying to find new ways to style it. As many of you know, I had hair down to my lower back for practically my whole life and about 2 years ago I needed a change and decided to completely chop it all off. Turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

I use Hot Tools Professional 1 1/4-INCH Tapered Curling Iron. I love using a wand because it’s easier for me to handle and I like the shape the curl makes better.


I first start my separating my hair into sections from the bottom to top. I then spray LANZA Thermal Defense spray throughout the section of hair.



I grab a small section of my hair and hold about an inch to 1/2-inch of the ends out to give that “straight end” look….


Now, I always point the curling iron down to the floor and wrap the hair away from my face. This puts the hair in front of the curling iron before wrapping it. I like this method because the curls tend to open up your face more and aren’t doing weird curls that constantly fall into your eyes.




After the whole section is curled, I spray Aussie Headstrong Volume Hairspray over it. Now, personally I don’t like to brush my curls out until my whole head is curled. It gives the curls some time to cool down and really set in their curl.


After spraying, I let down the next section.


Spray with heat protectant spray…


Grab a section of hair, point curling iron to the floor, and wrap backwards.



Spray with hairspray….


And repeat the whole process!






Almost done!!



Now once my whole head is curled and has had a chance to set (I always look like Medusa waiting for my curls to cool down), I lightly run my fingers through the curls. I don’t like to brush through it because it takes too much of my curls out. I start from underneath my hair and work my way up.




After shaking out all my curls, I take texturizing spray and spray around/underneath the base of my hair. I have the world’s softest and straightest hair, so to help give my hair some texture and grit I use Unite Texturiza Spray. It is AMAZING!!!!



And here is the finished product!!



I love my hair to be big and wild, so if that’s the look you’re going for then try this out and see how it works for you! I am truly grateful for all of the support you guys have shown me these past few weeks. I can’t wait for my next post…. you have asked and I have promised. I’ll finally be breaking down some of my favorite workout exercises and running plans with all of you. WOO HOO!! Talk to you soon!



23 thoughts on “Get Your Curl On

  1. Yaay! It’s about time! I have the exact same hair cut, color and feel of hair and have waited for you to post your hair secrets! I love big, curly and wild hair, so I was so happy to see that you posted this. Have a wonderful day and thanks!

  2. I think you read my letter I gave you!!! I wanted you to share more workouts and running exercises! I can’t wait to try them out! 👍🏻😘

  3. I think you read my letter I gave you!!! I wanted you to share more workouts and running exercises! I can’t wait to try them out! 👍🏻😘

  4. Thanks for the advice! I will be trying this.
    And thanks for starting a blog for all of us to follow. You are a beautiful soul.

  5. Jen, you’re so pretty! Can’t wait to try this method on my hair tomorrow! (And at my DWTS show!) I’m so excited for the natural makeup look, I have been wanting to find some new inspiration for my makeup routine! Love you!

  6. Hi Jenna,
    I absolutely love this tutorial, especially because I am always trying to find the perfect way to curl my hair, so I am super excited to try your way out! I do have one question though. Although I always make sure my hair is clean before I start styling, I can’t seem to find a way to give my hair volume at my roots. No matter what I do my hair ends up flat on my head. I was wondering if you use any product or do anything specifically to your roots to give your hair the incredible volume it always has.
    Thanks so much!
    With love, xoxo

  7. Love it! I know you’re into photography and that you use the Sony a5000 (i think) but what lens do you use? I have the same camera but your lens doesn’t look like mine and you take such nice shots! Give us a tutorial girl!

  8. Have you thought about starting a YouTube channel? I know it’s time consuming and that you’re very busy, but I believe you’d be a natural.

  9. I got my hair cut a few months ago, just like yours! And I’ve tried curling it, but it doesn’t work..:( I’m going to try this next time! Love this!

  10. Was so excited for this tutorial! I had taken one of your pics to my hairdresser for inspiration and have been trying different curling methods. Can’t wait to do this! ❤

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