January 23, 2017

My Daily Workout Routine

I may sound like a broken record because I have said this many times before, but I think it is extremely important to understand our individual bodies. What we can handle, what we can endure, and what is just too much. Before I had a clear understanding of nutrition and what I was putting into my body, I would try to workout for 2 or more hours a day to overcompensate for what I was eating. I thought that if I ran on a treadmill at the speed of 7.5 for an hour I would automatically eliminate the calories of the 3 donuts I ate right before going to the gym. I would also try to lift very heavy weights thinking it would speed up any sort of muscle toning process. I had it very wrong for MY body. Again, I always feel a little timid to write my personal routines of any sort because I have literally self taught myself by observing and researching and by major trial and error. I don’t have a degree in any of this but I have a lot of real personal experience and have had to figure it out the hard way.

I will start with my running routine. As I’ve said before, running on the treadmill has become incredibly therapeutic for me so I try to run consistently 6 out of the 7 days. I give myself Sundays off to recover and relax. If you feel like you get bored while being on the treadmill and need something to distract you, I would suggesting catching up on a new episode on Hulu or Netflix, making a playlist of all your favorite pump up songs to listen to, or listen to a book/podcast while you read along. These are all things I have to do while spending a long time on the treadmill.

Obviously it is very important to stretch before jumping on the treadmill. Specifically for me, i have to stretch out my calves and hamstrings as well as warmup my ankles. I am very OCD and have a very particular number system I stick to. I do ten minute intervals to keep things consistent. Feel free to change it up for your own body’s needs.

I start by walking at 4.0 and 0% incline. I stay here for ten minutes. Next, I’ll keep my speed at 4.0 but bump up my incline to 7.0%. I used to never do inclined walking and only thought that I would get results by running or jogging. I didn’t think it was physical enough to do anything beneficial for my body. I was SO wrong. This past year I learned that not only is inclined walking less impact on your joints, it is incredible for toning your buttocks and abdomen. There is more resistance on your booty to bend and straighten your legs to walk higher, your hip flexors engage more to lift your knees on the incline, and your abs must contract in order to keep you upright on the inclined surface. I’ve incorporated inclined walking into my routine this past year and it has truly made such a difference in my body!! And I’m also saving my knees from too much running! If you’ve been counting I am now at 20 minutes. I then lower my incline to 0% and raise the speed to 6.5. I stay here for another ten minutes while I start to get my heart rate up and get my sweat on. After my completed ten minutes, I raise the speed to 7.5. On days when I feel like super woman I will raise the speed to 8.0. Once I’ve finished these ten minutes of hard core running…. 40 minutes has already flown by. I lower the speed back down to a 4.0 and will finish off by walking at a 11.0% incline. These last ten minutes burn the most but are so worth it!! On days where I don’t have as much energy (which on tour happens more so than not), I will use those last ten minutes at 4.0 to walk it out at a 0% incline and just cool down. It really is all about listening to your body and being smart.

• Walking at 4.0 on 0% incline for 10min (0-0:10)
• Walking at 4.0 on 7.0% incline for 10min (0:10-0:20)
• Running at 6.5 on 0% incline for 10 min (0:20-0:30)
• Running at 7.5 on 0% incline for 10 min (0:30-0:40)
• Walking at 4.0 on 11.0% incline or cool down on 0% incline for 10 min (0:40-0:50)

I also make sure I do these simple arm/abs workouts everyday!! I will add to this and try new things but without a doubt I will always do these 6 exercises. Something I’ve learned this past year is that I “bulk” if I lift too heavy of weights. Now I only use my own body resistance to target my arms and abs. Again, that’s just me personally. 🙂

1. Pushups (3 sets of 12)


2. Mountain Climbers (3 sets of 20)



3. Side Planks (Hold each side for 1 minute)


4. Twisties with Weighted Ball (3 sets of 20 on each side)




5. Medicine Ball Crunches (50 with arms behind my head and 50 with arms reaching)





6. Medicine Ball Pikes (3 sets of 10)




This week I was reminiscing through some old photos and came across this picture from almost 2 years ago. I am at least 40lbs heavier here. I don’t think I look “bad” but I know exactly how I felt in this picture and I felt horrible. No confidence, self doubt, and a lot of discomfort. You can see it in my eyes too. It’s incredible to me how much of a difference being physically healthy can affect and benefit your overall mental happiness. It’s definitely the way to go!



Real change can happen! I promise you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And if it ever gets too hard, just remember that I have been there and I’m here with you every step of the way.




15 thoughts on “My Daily Workout Routine

  1. I’m in the same boat as were you. I don’t look bad but I don’t feel good about myself. You have inspired me Jenna! Before when I was feeling good about myself I wouldn’t mind taking pictures but now I don’t even like myself in pictures. I always say let me see the picture so I can approve it. You are beautiful inside & out! I love watching you dance. I’m so bummed that I won’t be able to see you on tour because I’m out of the country until March. Much Love Jenna! 💛

  2. Thanks Jenna now I got to buy a ball and learn not to over do it this blog on daily workout routine is very helpful again thanks until next time😊

  3. You ‘re an amazing talented girl , an inspiration for others , you look beautiful always , before and after , because your most important beauty is inside you ! … but a healthy life style and all those changes, are the result of your discipline, and that is called self-love! Thanks for sharing with us your routine !

    1. Hey Jessica! This past year I finally found a workout that I really love. (This is going to sound like an ad, but I promise it’s not! Haha) Check out Blogilates on YouTube, as well as the website. It’s kind of like its own fitness community that is fun and enjoyable to participate in, and it also feels like you have a personal trainer if you do the free workout calendars at the bare minimum. You should know that growing up, I was super active as a dancer/cheerleader. But when I stopped doing those things in college, I realized that I had to learn how to workout on my own and find a routine that works for me. I’ve really been enjoying reading Jen’s blog and fitness advice, but just thought I’d share my workout with you since it’s a little different from hers 🙂

  4. Hey! I don’t have a treadmill and don’t really have time to go to a gym near me because of school and my soccer schedule… so I normally do my workouts in my house and outside… could you tell me how I could do the running without the treadmill? Like how many miles to run for a certain amount of time? I love to run and it is just like therapy for me too! Thanks

  5. It’s always so great to read others’ fitness routines! I used to run on the treadmill all the time, and LOVED it too! It can totally be therapeutic, and time seemed to actually go by super fast for me.

    Just one word of (unsolicited…sorry) advice: When I was running daily in the treadmill, I would also run with 0% incline. One day, after a longer run, I got off and my knee literally gave out on me. I fell to the floor. I didn’t understand, my knee didn’t hurt at all while running, what the heck just happened?! I went and asked a trainer, and they let me know that running at 0% incline (because of the rotating belt) simulates running downhill and so is very bad on your knees! I had now idea! They told me to always have at least 1.5-2% incline when running.

    Just wanted to let you know my experience, because I literally have permanent knee damage now, and it’s horrible! I would HATE for you to go through the same thing and somehow harm your career. You’re a gorgeous woman, and a beautiful dancer as well!

    All my best,


  6. Wow this is an amazing routine to start for me! I started going to the gym but I did not know what to do. Or I wouldn’t have a balance, now with this routine I feel more motivated to go! One question: Can you do a blog where you tell us what is the best/more appropriate thing to eat before and after going to the gym?

  7. I used to be obsessed with exercise too. I’ve always been bigger than everyone else no matter how much I worked out (at one point I was on varsity cross country, 2 competitive soccer teams, and working out on my own). It was always challenging for me. I gave up for awhile on intense exercising but when I read your blog I decided I should try it. It not only kicked my butt but I felt it was totally doable. Instead of trying to run as fast and as long as I could until I was ready to pass out I did the 10 min segments on the treadmill and felt confident and strong again. I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow but it’s good to know that a professional athlete doing the same workouts. Thank you!

  8. Weird question. I know this is personal so you may not want to answer but I’ll give it a shot!
    First of all you look amazing! I want a body like yours! I’ve been working out and trying to tone up and loose my stomach fat. I don’t consider myself big, I think 💭 Jane about 10 lbs to loose, but that’s where the question comes in. 1.how tall are you? 2. How much do you weigh? I’m trying to figure out what a good weight is for someone whi has muscle definition and is lean. I would love to know if you’d share with me.

  9. I absolutely love you and your blog. It has really inspired me to change my lifestyle. With being in college its hard to balance work and being able to also be active. Do you have any tips for managing work and fitness, or finding motivation when you are so sleep deprived?

  10. What would you suggest for stretches? I used to do jazz, tap, and ballet when I was a child, but I haven’t been in a studio since college…Five+ years ago. I recently attended Zumba, and got reacquainted with some of the old stretches, but what do the pros use?

  11. Jenna, this is seriously so inspiring. People tell me I look fine, but I feel so terrible. People say I maybe look 150lbs but I weigh 180 and if terrifies me. I was fit when I was younger and a competitive figure skater, but I’ve had so much happen in the past couple of years that I’ve put on a ton of weight. I seriously want to cry most days and I feel like a failure compared to what I used to be.

    Thank you so much for this. You have been a favorite dancer of mine for a long time now. Even when you say you felt your worst, it showed me that I don’t have to be stick thin to be beautiful and sexy. You made me want to dance more. You have continually inspired me.. thank you so much!

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