February 9, 2017

‘Getting Real’ Feature

Since August, I have received the most beautiful messages from many of you. I was shocked by the amount of people sharing personal feelings with me and knew I had to incorporate a way for us to interact. While creating this blog, I dreamed of being an outlet for people to open up to but I had no idea how many would actually feel comfortable sharing vulnerable experiences with me. Everyday I am at a loss of words when I have the opportunity to read ‘Your Story’s’. Many of you have said, “I’m not sure if you will ever read this….” I promise you I am reading every single one of your messages. And I want to thank you for having the courage to express your hearts and let me in. I have experienced very similar things to most of you, so know you’re not alone.

Recently I came across a beautifully vibrant girl, Chelsea. She has been a big support to me in my career these past few months and somebody I can always count on to be a positive light on social media. We were able to meet a few weeks ago at one of my Dancing With the Stars Live Meet and Greets. I was already looking forward to meeting her finally but I had absolutely no idea what a drastic change she had made in her life. After chatting with her for a bit and reading the sweetest card she had written me, I was SO inspired by her. Her honest journey was real and very relatable. We have since then chatted a bit and I asked her if she would be willing to let me share her story with all of you…. Here is Chelsea’s story:

“Looking back to the start of my journey I remember how unhappy I was. I knew it then, but it’s even more apparent now that I can compare it to how I feel at this point. I was struggling with my depression and anxiety, and was super insecure. I always compared myself to everyone around me and it was incredibly toxic.  I was never able to consistently make a change and actually start to lose weight without falling into dangerous eating habits.

The Instagram post Jenna made on August 7, 2016 about her transformation changed my life. It wasn’t even just about the change in her body, which was impressive. But what struck me even more was how unbelievably happy she looked. It’s hard to articulate, and I’m still not quite sure what it was exactly about this post that had the power to affect me to such an extent – but my life was changed.

I cut out all the crappy food (aside from some cheat days) and decreased portion sizes. I’ve been controlling my eating habits the healthy way which is really important.

To make sure I exercise enough outside of my dance classes I like looking up 30-day challenges and writing it out on a calendar. It helps when I have a schedule and get to cross off the days when I complete them! And when I struggle it really helps to look back at old pictures to remind myself of how I felt/looked then compared to where I am now!

The change is pretty surreal in just these last 6 months. Not only physically but mentally. Ive been so much happier, so much more positive, and a lot more confident. And then obviously there’s the physical change (40 pounds down so far!) and a boost in energy. I just feel so different!!!

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have without Jenna. She has been a phenomenal motivation throughout. There are truly no words for it. From watching her shine, to seeing her workout pics, to her blog. Everything felt like it was a reminder for me of what I can accomplish. To see someone I have admired and looked up to so much go through what I have, and to see her come out on top like she has – it’s inspiring. And her generous love and support throughout has been surreal. Even now as my motivation tends to dwindle sometimes and I feel overwhelmed with how much farther I still have to go, her support is an unbelievable push to keep on my journey! 🙂 For anyone who is struggling – keep working and never give up! You can do it and we can support each other along the way!”







Is she not amazing or what? And how about those progress pictures? I am so proud of Chelsea and how she has taken control of her life not only physically but mentally as well. Like Chelsea said, I think it’s very important to support and encourage one another so I have decided to do a ‘Getting Real’ feature on my blog every few weeks to help keep people motivated and inspired! I think we are all on this similar journey to be better and make progress and sometimes we do need a little pat on the back to remind ourselves how truly amazing we are. Please continue to share your stories with me! I am here to listen. 🙂 I hope everyone has a great day!!






10 thoughts on “‘Getting Real’ Feature

  1. Hello Chelsea,
    We don’t actually know each other but know that i am very proud of you!!! You’re a strong human being and you’re so inspiring. I’ve always saw your pics and tweets to Jenna and loved how bubbly and happy you are as a human being. ❤️ And that speaks a lot about your personality too..

    So happy for you and hope we can hear more of your updates a in a few months!!!

    To jenna, thank you for doing this and know that none of these inspirations and stories would have been there without you. ❤️ I love you!

    Abeer (@getrealwithjenn)

  2. ahh I loved reading this! I am so so happy for you Chelsea. Reading this put a huge smile on my face, so proud of you! Love you both 💞

  3. Wow amazing story!! Thank you both of you girls for sharing so inspiring stories!! It defitnely motivates me to keep pushing hard and not give up!! So proud of you both😍😍😍💕💕💕

  4. Chelsea, you look amazing! Keep up the good work. I have recently began my own journey to getting healthier and even after 30 days of changing what I eat and exercising consistently, I notice a difference in the way I feel and how much happier I am. Exercise is so good for depression, keep on it and you will continue to soar!

  5. Wow Chelsea you look so amazing CONGRATULATIONS girl you should be so proud you did it Jenna you are so inspiring and a great motivater love you thanks you for helping us God bless you ❤❤👏👏💪😀

  6. Jenna, I love your site!! So many motivating stories and it is helping me with my own journey!! Thank you!! Great job Chelsea, keep it up girl!!

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