February 22, 2017

Let’s Get Fit

Let me introduce you to one of my all time favorite humans……. JOE!! Joe and I met my senior year of high school. I was at a place where I wanted to be more fit and athletic and my brother in law suggested I meet with one his football buddies he played with in college. I was a little embarrassed the first time I met with him because I had never been to an actual gym before and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had never really lifted any weights or trained my body outside of dance so I was super awkward. But the thing I love most about Joe is that he trains me like an athlete.. and my competitive nature always wants to keep up. He has continued to stay one of my closest friends throughout my entire fitness/health journey. Anytime I go to Utah, we try to meet up and I definitely get my booty kicked. Here is the workout we did this past week.


Warm up – Treadmill 1/2 mile (jog)
-Rotational shoulder warm up

Block 1 – 400m Row, 10 kettle bell swings, 1 min plank
– 300m Row, 20 kettle bell swings, 1 min plank
– 200m Row, 30 kettle bell swings, 1 min plank
– 100m Row, 40 kettle bell swings, 1 min plank

Block 2 – 1/4 mile run (fast 7-9 mph pace), 25 pushups, 15 Standing rows
– 1/4 mile run (fast 8-10 mph pace), 25 air squats, 10 pull-ups (assisted)
– 1/4 mile run (fast 8-10 mph pace), 25 pushups, 15 standing rows
– 1/4 mile run (fast 8-10 mph pace), 25 air squats, 10 pull-ups (assisted)
– 1/4 mile run (fast 8-10 mph pace), 15 shoulder press, 15 bent over rear flies
– 1/4 mile run (fast 8-10 mph pace), 25 air squats, 10 pull-ups assisted
– 1/4 mile run (fast 8-10 mph pace), 15 shoulder press, 15 bent over rear flies

Block 3 – 10 Ab roller, 15 each side Bosu Ball cross toe touches. (do this 2x’s)
Here are a couple focus points from Joe for each exercise:

Kettle bell swings-head up, shoulders back, tight core


Pushups- tight core, go down until your arms are at a 90 degree angle, no bending at the hips (straight line from shoulders to knees)


Standing Rows-Head up, chest out, tight core


Air Squats- Heals down, head up, shoulders back, dont let knees go in toward eachother.


Shoulder Press- Tight core, do not lean back while pressing over head.



Bosu Ball Cross Toe Touches-keep core tight, reach for your toe, lengthen the back of your kicking leg



Rowing-maintain straight back and use arms and legs to pull back with an engaged core




Bent Over Rear Flies-keep core tight, back should be flat like a table top while you’re bent over, do not round back, arms out and squeeze shoulder blades together.

Ab Roller- keep hips rolled back while ab rolling (imagine you have a tail and are trying to put it between your legs)


Joe gives a few reasons why this workout was put together like this….

1- This is a total body resistance workout plus cardio workout. Since Jenna and I don’t train together very often I wanted to just touch each muscle group without breaking anything down completely. More of a “toning” workout where you burned a ton of calories as well because your heart rate was up the entire time.

2- Jenna often runs miles and miles which I’m ok with. Running long distance is good for your aerobic system as well as your mental state. I know that she specifically likes to clear her head while she runs. Physically, running long distance uses your aerobic system. While you’re running those long distances you’re body is mostly using fat for fuel but once you’re done running your body goes back to its normal processes. I put the intervals (1/4 mile runs) in there to use your anaerobic system. This type of high intensity training helps your body develop more hemoglobin (carries oxygen) in your blood. High intensity also creates something called “afterburn”. This is where your body is burning more calories than normal for hours and hours after the workout.

3- The last reason for a workout like this is because there’s a very small risk of injury. We warmed up properly and used light weights for a lot of reps to mitigate any injury risk.


I am really lucky to have Joe in my life. Not just as a trainer but as a lifelong friend and motivator. Have fun trying out some of these exercises. Remember to listen to your body and try not to push yourself beyond what you’re SAFELY capable of…. but push yourself beyond what you are comfortable doing! Sending my love always. 🙂


I asked Joe if he could lift me…. he then proceeded to overhead press me! LOL I guess you could say he’s pretty strong.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Fit

  1. Loving this article! I just had my second baby 5 months ago and I am STRUGGLING to lose this weight. These work outs have already helped me lose 10 pounds in one week! Thanks for the inspiration ❤ looking forward to more advice in the futures.

    Jordan from Florida!

  2. Hey girl, love the workout and everything about this blog! So amazing to have a space where positivity and healthy habits can be shared. I love that you incorporate the Erg/Rowing machine into your workouts. As a rower and rowing coach, I know the incredible benefits that machine can have. Its hard to tell from the pictures if you do or don’t, but make sure that you (and anyone else who wants to try this workout) uses the correct form. When you’re at the “catch” (knees bent up to your chest, face close to the screen), make sure the first muscles you engage are your legs, push against the foot plates until your legs are straight; then – keeping a straight back – lean back (think of going from 10 to 2 on a clock face), engaging your core; then finally bring your arms in to your ribs (just below the band of your sports bra 😛 ). Legs, Body, Arms – quite simple really. But holy moly it can seriously switch on muscles and work up a sweat! xxx

    1. This was super helpful! I recently started rowing and have found I feel it more in my arms. I like the Legs, Body, Arms reminder!

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