June 28, 2017

My Adventures in Europe

Alright you guys. It’s official, I’M BACK!! Figuratively and literally. I took some time off for myself and finally had a vacation that hasn’t happened in over 4 years. It was definitely needed. I feel more inspired and rejuvenated than ever! And now I feel even more motivated and determined for this upcoming season of SYTYCD. I seriously cannot wait!


But before that, I have SO much to share about my incredible trip to Europe!! Oh my goodness. The divine food, the majestic sites I saw, and (by popular demand) all of my outfits I wore. I wanted to kind of integrate all of it in a couple of different posts! I hope you enjoy 🙂


I’m going to go in chronological order and just start at the beginning. Rome!! By far the most magical place I have ever been to. Honestly, it was by far my favorite city I visited. I think I fell in love with how much history and passion this city had. All the Italians I interacted with seemed to be proud of their history and what their city had to offer. Some of the place I went to were the Colosseum, the Altar of the Fatherland, the Imperial Forum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City which included the actual Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peter’s Basilica. It was all so overwhelmingly beautiful! The artwork done by Michelangelo and Raphael in the Pope’s palace was stunning. I had never seen so much beauty combined with real history.



(Forgive the picture above…. I had just stepped off an 8 hour plane ride but was desperately wanting to see the Colosseum)















The food was also ridiculously good. The pasta, pizza, gelato, and mozzarella……. Oh my heavens!! It was crazy though because you never felt grossly full. Everything was really fresh and not covered in grease. It was amazing… although I ate way too much!


The overall romantic feeling that Rome has is undeniable. I loved just wandering through the narrow streets and walking on the cobblestone roads. The live music being played on the streets for all to hear sets a mesmerizing tone for the city. I absolutely fell in love with Rome and will make sure I visit again as soon as possible.





Outfit 1:

Dress: Love Culture

Shoes: Steve Madden

Purse: Ora Delphine

Outfit 2:

Romper: Free People

Shawl: Free People

Necklace: Free People


My next post will be about my adventures around the Amalfi Coast! But before that, I wanted to share that I am back into major grind mode!! I have to deep cleanse my insides from all of the food/sweets I consumed in the past two weeks. Also, with So You Think You Can Dance just around the corner I want to be in the best physical, emotional, and mental shape of my life. The whole process is brutal and so I want to be prepared and at my best. I want to keep track of my progress so here is a picture from Day 1 of my clean eating and intense working out. I am removing all sugar (except natural sugars) and most carbs from my nutrition. Trying only to eat fresh produce that hasn’t been overly processed. For example, yesterday I had a protein shake after my workout in the morning containing almond milk, light whey protein, a banana, and a handful of oats. For lunch I made a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and shredded chicken, topped with light balsamic vinaigrette. For a snack during the afternoon I had a cup of almonds and some blueberries mixed in. Then for dinner my family went out to dinner and I had enough self restraint to order grilled chicken and sautéed veggies. I’m also constantly drinking lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. I have been joking with my family who keeps trying to tempt me with cookies and buttered bread that I’m #teamsnatchitup right now. Let me know if you are going to follow along with #teamsnatchitup for the summer and I will continue to post some healthy meal ideas!






5 thoughts on “My Adventures in Europe

  1. Wow, it’s beautiful how much us fans got to sort of relive your Europe vacation through all the pictures on your social media and now here on your blog. Thank you for sharing and inspiring healthy eating and a workout. I will definitely be following #teamsnatchitup with you! Can’t wait for more blogs like this and more tips to a healthy eating! Much love xx ❤️

  2. So proud of you Jenna and I am so glad to got to go on your dream vacation you deserve this well overdue rest and the ig the photos Thank you for virtual taking us along Bless you. PS looking good girl. 😊❤❤

  3. Hey Jen!
    I’m a huge lover of nutrition-I’ve studied a ton and it’s all so intriguing to me. What we put into our bodies truly dictates what we get out!
    So out of curiosity, are you cutting all carbs? Or are you speaking of processed carbs? I’m so curious!
    Love you THE MOST!
    Sammy xx

  4. Jenna!
    I loved seeing all your posts from your trip. I studied abroad in Spain an also visited Italy and France and can relate. I’m constantly trying to find an excuse to go back!. Thanks for sharing so much of your life and helping others by doing so!!

  5. Hey Jenna!
    I loved seeing all your posts of your European Vacation a few weeks ago and reading about your experience in this post! I just got back from vacation and had to re-read your post, giving me the little boost of motivation I need to get back to clean eating and working out hard core! I’m so close to my goal, it grind time! I will definitely be following along with #teamsnatchitup for the summer!

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